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Day training Private lessons

Day training private lessons are a highly effective method of dog training offered by Custom Canine Training. This type of training involves a professional dog trainer coming to your home and working with your dog while you are away. The trainer will spend several hours each day working on specific behaviours you want your dog to learn or improve upon.

One of the main benefits of day training private lessons is that it is a convenient option for dog owners with busy schedules. Instead of training their dog themselves, they can leave the training to the professionals while they go about their day. This also benefits dogs who may not respond well to group training classes or have specific behavioural issues requiring one-on-one attention.

During each training session, the trainer will work on specific commands or behaviours you have requested. These may include basic commands like sit, stay, and come or more advanced behaviours like leash walking, crate training, or socialization. The trainer will use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage good behaviour and help your dog develop good habits.

At the end of each day’s training session, the trainer will provide you with a detailed report of your dog’s progress and any issues that need to be addressed. They may also provide tips and techniques for reinforcing the training at home.

Overall, day training private lessons are an excellent option for dog owners who want their dogs to receive professional training without sacrificing their busy schedules. With the help of a professional trainer, your dog can learn new behaviours and become a well-behaved member of your household.