Who i am ?

At the age of 40 years-young, I decided to follow my passion for dog training. I grew up having dogs and my first dog was a rescue Border Collie named Christie.  She was wild and I was extremely interested in why she did the things she did like chase cars, spin in circles and run after wildlife.  I was hooked on dogs from that time on.  After training my own dogs for competition and helping countless friends, friends of friends and relatives with their pups, I knew it was time to start helping as many people as I can to live the life they have always dreamed about with their best friends.  

What I love about dog training is the smiles I get to see on owners’ faces when they are able to enjoy their dog and see the effort they put in pay-off. Whether it be a reactive dog finally going on a peaceful walk, a young puppy finally settling in at home, basic obedience, managing barking and so on, owners and their families can live a fulfilled life with their pets.

I’m a member and competitor of PSA (Protection Sport Association) with our Malinois, “Kobe” and go to club training routinely on the weekends. I’ve dedicated everything to learning about training dogs and have watched and learned from some of the best trainers in the country including Ivan Balabanov, Michael Ellis and Dave Kroyer to just name a few.

Why Choose Custom Canine Training ?

Effective dog training, real behavior solutions